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Saturday, 25 February 2012


This is our version of Choco Almond-Raisin cookies. We love to use half portion of butter and half portion of vegetable fats in all our cookies...that's the secret for a yummy, crunchy & delicious cookies!
Our theory is that, cookies can be good for everyone!...we normally, as much as possible reduce the amount of sugar in our cookies to make them healthy to eat, besides the ingredients such as, cereals, raisins & almonds which make them taste more delicious and truly a favorite cookies ever for kids & adults...     

Choco Almond-Raisin Cookies


1 ½ cup flour
½ cup corn flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ cup cocoa
2 tsp chocolate emulco
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup raisin
1 cup almonds slice
1 cup oats
1 egg
125 gm butter
125 gm vegetable shortening
1 tsp vanilla essence


1.    Mix butter, vegetable shortening and brown sugar until smooth. Stir in vanilla essence & chocolate emulco.
2.    Add egg, stir in flour, cocoa, chocolate chips, almonds and oats.
3.    Drop by spoonful onto a baking pans and press raisin on top of cookies.
4.    Bake in preheated oven at 175 deg Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes. 

-  *If dough became soft please add corn flour accordingly. 

"Choco Almond-Raisin Cookies"


1 ½ cawan tepung
½ cawan tepung jagung
1 sudu kecil serbuk penaik
½ cawan koko
2 sudu kecil coklat emulco
1 cawan gula perang
1 cawan cip coklat
1 cawan kismis
1 cawan badam hiris
1 cawan oat
1 biji telur
125 gm mentega
125 gm lelemak sayuran
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla


1.    Campurkan mentega, lelemak sayuran, dan gula perang sehingga sebati. Masukkan esen vanila & coklat emulco.
2.    Masukkan telur dan kacau dalam campuran tepung, koko,cip coklat, badam dan oat.
3.    Sudukan campuran ke atas dulang dan tekan kismis di atas cookies.
4.    Bakar dalam ketuhar yang bersuhu 175 darjah Celsius selama 10 hingga 15 minit.

- *jika adunan menjadi lembut sila tambah tepung jagung secukupnya.

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